Within the organic toxic

By | February 4, 2019

Within the organic toxic chemicals from outside?
In fact, the question must be: Why do we allow this to happen? The fact that we still do not see a direct relationship between beauty and cleaning products and our well-being (that is, our health) is part of the problem.

But slowly but surely, we are excited to get more organically grown organic food and, therefore, we are very cautious about the chemicals and pesticides in the fruits and vegetables that we eat, because we know that we also absorb these toxins. But we still consider cosmetics as products that we use only externally.

Our skin works like a sponge.
We have not yet reached the awareness that our skin is a living sponge, Prache cream susceptible to the harmful effects of toxins like the digestive tract. Lack of awareness and distrust drive the boom in the personal care industry.

While campaigns against the tobacco industry are paying off, such as the signs of “smoking related to health,” such warnings are not available for cosmetic and personal care products.

The guidelines are loose in the United States.
Although it is assumed that there are strict guidelines for cosmetics, the truth is quite different: in the United States, the competent authority must require (FDA) in cosmetics before performing any safety test, either by the manufacturer or by the body. Health itself.

Therefore, such products because their components do not always take risks. As the authority says, this is a “cosmetic manufacturer that has almost all the raw materials for its products used and then sold without the approval of the FDA.”

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