White flour in pregnancy: thick baby

By | May 20, 2018

Flour flour offers few nutrients. Because they are Rapid Tone Shark Tank also low in fiber and fiber, they have a very positive effect on health. The products derived from the extraction extract are generally not healthy. The researchers found that eating white flour also affects the fetus if the mother usually stays with pasta and light cakes during pregnancy. Then the child runs the risk of gaining weight later in life. The same effect can be observed when a mother consumes diet drinks.

White flour in pregnancy: thick baby

In pregnancy, white flour is preferred
White flour (also called flour meal) is formed when surface layers and germs are removed from freshly ground whole wheat flour. What remains are only carbohydrates (starch) and proteins (gluten). Biomaterials and fibers are present in varieties of light flour only in very small proportions.

For this reason, the blood sugar of white flour products is also higher than whole grains, which means that white flour products affect blood sugar levels much more and are more likely to cause fluctuations of blood sugar than the products of whole grains.

Therefore, white flour products are not recommended, especially if you have diabetes, gestational diabetes or sugary precursors. Gestational diabetes appears for the first time in pregnancy and disappears after birth. It affects three or four percent of all pregnant women, but with a large number of unreported cases and also with an upward trend for several years.

In gestational diabetes helps to eat healthy
When the level of sugar in the blood increases in the context of gestational diabetes, large amounts of sugar also enter the child’s bloodstream. The baby can become very large, which hinders the birth. However, the child can also suffer brain damage or metabolic disorder in the worst case. Therefore, gestational diabetes must be well adjusted and adjusted, which naturally includes a proper diet that does not take place for white flour products.

Because you know that even in 90 percent of all women with gestational diabetes, only one change in diet and lifestyle is enough to re-regulate blood sugar levels. Very few people have to undergo insulin therapy.

The greater the white flour in pregnancy, the greater the child’s weight
In June 2017, scientists from the National Institutes of Health published a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that addressed the issue and explored the relationship between diet during pregnancy and the child’s weight gain later on.

The researchers noted in their introduction that it has been known for some time that baked goods and baked goods can affect their health, as they are related to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

Data were examined for 918 mothers and their children who participated in the Danish National Birth, a study in which more than 91,000 pregnancies were controlled in Denmark. All mothers have gestational diabetes.

It was found that children who consumed their mothers most of the white flour during pregnancy (more than 156 grams of white flour per day) were more susceptible to excess weight at the age of seven, compared to children whose mothers are less white food (less than 37 grams) of white flour per day) can Consumed

The relationship between the consumption of white flour by the mother and the weight of the children continued, despite other factors that could lead to obesity among children, such as lack of exercise, low consumption of fruits and vegetables, consumption Extremely high desserts, etc.

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