To determine your level of vitamin D

By | November 30, 2018

To determine your level of vitamin D, it is possible to have a blood test (not compensated except for special diseases) and, in case of deficiency, the doctor prescribes it. Vitamin D supplements are also available without a prescription and can be found in marine fatty fish such as salmon, herring and sardines.

Be careful, even if the products are “natural” (but in practice in the laboratory combination), vitamins in the form of dietary supplements are not risk free. For example, excess vitamin C can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb some minerals, which can cause other imbalances.

Bach flowers, a “natural” oxymoron that pretends to be cured by emotions.

These floral essences, which are supposed to restore emotional balance, are based on an exaggerated theory invented by English phylogenetic medicine and never proved to be effective.

That will eliminate tensions and fight tension, overcome our fears or Rapid Tone overcome our dark thoughts. The tempting claims that undoubtedly explain the success of Bach flowers, whose bottles sell hundreds of thousands each year in France.

The manufacture of this plant is based on the idea that each flower will work in a particular emotion. Thus, the white willow provides comfort and comfort. Karma will improve the autocratic qualities and the olive tree will provide physical and mental renewal.

How are these axes made? What is the way it works? Are they considered drugs in themselves? Figaro takes stock.

The birth of a legend.
The flowers of Bach are named after the inventor, Dr. Edward Bach. In the 1930s, this British housewife began to develop the herbal elixir (38 in all). His idea is that emotions and personality traits interrupt what he calls “the flow of life,” causing physical dysfunction. According to him, to cure diseases, we must first act on emotions. For this believing man, the cure can only be found in the nature created by God.

It is assumed that the flowers contain the “essence” of the healing properties of the plant. Bach imagines two ways of extracting the essence of flowers: sunbathing and boiling. For the first, it involves moistening the flowers in a container with water in the sun for several hours, so that this water is saturated with the strength of the plant. As for boiling, simply Rapid Tone Australia boil the flowers in mineral water for half an hour. Later, the water is diluted in half with alcohol (usually brandy, brandy). The core of this mother is relaxed again: two drops are taken and poured into a 30 ml bottle of alcohol. It has nothing to do with essential oils or medicinal herbs.

Oral therapy is usually taken by pouring a few drops into a glass of water.

With the flowers of Bach, all the criteria that distinguish the pseudomedicine as a whole, as explained by Richard Monvoisin, Doctor of Educational Sciences and Theory of Knowledge at the University of Grenoble, in an article published in 2005 in Annals of French Medicines . One can cite the construction of an institutional myth (“a man, good, led by fate, a revolution in the medical approach to” official “medicine), the use of terminology through theory based on intuition, the use of a set of positive tests to justify the effectiveness of the exercise, the scientific evidence or many contradictions.

For example, Dr. Bach stated that his treatments did not have any adverse effects, but any medication with a pharmacological effect can cause side effects! This affirmation is, therefore, similar to accepting incompetence. Bach flowers represent “an undeniable economic potential that is inextricably related to its therapeutic potential”, sums up Richard Monfuazen.

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Bach flowers do not have a state of drugs but supplements. But even if they have the right to market them in pharmacies, the Bach flowers do not take place in pharmacies, according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Burgundy Franche-Comté in February 2018 in a letter to the assembly laboratory that markets these products in France.

“The toxicity of such products can not be refuted,” he said, adding that “the pharmacist must fight the regiment, even abstain from manufacturing, distributing or selling.”

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