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By | May 13, 2018

1. Hydrolyzing protein process (valid for all types of proteins)
Currently, the dietary supplement industry analyzes both beef protein and other proteins (bad whey, casein, soy, etc.), that is, they break down into small chains of amino acids called peptides. This process mimics our digestive processes, making it an ideal way to treat proteins.

Many studies have shown that aquatic proteins that contain mainly triptype biphenyl absorb more rapidly than free amino acids and healthy proteins.

This type of product is designed to be absorbed in the intestine without prior digestion in the stomach, because this condition is used in athletes and in people with malabsorption problems.

The fact that the protein bonds have been broken down into smaller peptides does not mean that the protein loses its amino acid content (this remains as it is), but it is the change in the nature of the body through the loss of its biological ( it does not force the organism to carry out any other work object of not sending amino acids for destination devices).


Degree of hydrolysis
It is the basic property of hydrolysis and will largely determine the remaining properties and, therefore, the possibility of its use. They are defined as the percentage of broken peptide bonds in relation to the original protein. In general, the degree of hydrolysis in the field of sports supplements exceeds 10%, and is considered as such, a high percentage of hydrolysis.

Once the desired degree of hydrolysis is reached (to a greater degree, it is digested faster, although the taste is more bitter and more foam), the process stops.

2. Digestion time of the hydrolyzate
Based on everything that has been explained so far, it seems clear that the digestion time for decomposition (regardless of the source of protein) is much less than the digestion time used to digest the original source:

Serum with water or skim milk: given that skimmed milk takes approximately 90 minutes for digestion, it naturally takes 30 hours.
Veal protein solution: without more data than those provided by the usual manufacturers, we can only say that they take less than 3 hours to digest. If we assume a very high degree of hydrolysis (around 40%), this will be the time of one hour or one hour and 30 minutes.
3. specific hydrolyzed meat protein
When understanding previous sections, it is time to analyze some nipples (without entering specific marks, for now). Some of the phrases translated from the original brand and found in well-known brands are:

The bovine hydrolyzed protein is 350% more concentrated in the construction of muscular amino acids than the sirloin! It has no fat or cholesterol!

It is clear that all powdered products are more concentrated than their natural foods, which is similar to the fact that they are dry. Therefore, whey and casein powder or albumin powder are more concentrated in amino acids than milk and whiteness, respectively.

Contains only isolated veal protein, BCAA and glutamine!

Well, the term “isolated beef protein” covers a wide range of animals (from sirloin, skirt, ribs to bones, collagen, etc.). Each of these parts has a different nutritional composition and, what is more important, a different biological value for the protein. So, do not you think it’s appropriate to determine if the “cow protein” comes from a small piece of meat or collagen in your bones?

Ingredients for the taste of chocolate: the decomposition of meat protein, branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine), Agmatine sulfate, L-Glutamine micronized], cocoa, maltodextrin, natural flavors , Hydrolyzed collagen (…)

What can make you doubt the quality of a protein of this type is that it is called “hydroxyl collagen” in its components. Then, most proteins do not call them, even within the term “hydrofluze protein”. Collagen is a protein found in tendons, ligaments, cartilages and bones, but not in muscles. Therefore, this type of protein can never repair human muscles (although the anterior tissue).

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