The cacao fruit is a giant tropical

By | July 5, 2018

Jackfruit shopping
The cacao fruit is a giant tropical fruit, which usually weighs between 10 and 20 kg. For some time, the immature pulp, precooked and minced as a substitute for meat, is cut commercially. Because the consistency of the fruit of the cane is insignificant in the case of cooked chicken meat. Also, since the immature pulp is very neutral, you can simply roast it in the same way as meat dishes, and you will never know the difference. However, buying a jackpot is not easy. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a jackpot.

Buy the immature kakaya
If you want to use cocoa powder as an alternative to meat, you should pay attention when you buy to buy immature pasta. Because in Asian stores, there are usually canned cakes, then sweets and, of course, not suitable as an alternative to meat.

In organic trade, however, you can now find minced meat from immature kakaya (for example, from Govinda), either in the form of slices or cubes (like goulash). It is precooked and soaked Rvxadryl only when necessary with oil and spice mixture and then fried. If the pulp is served in a sauce, it should not be boiled previously. Details on the use of cookies as alternatives to the solution can be found in the previous link.

Buy mature mackerel
Ripe cocoa is not yet available in the supermarket. But you can easily get them from online retailers (like Orkos), specialists in tropical food shipping. However, since the price per kilo is about 10 euros, and even the smallest fruit weighs 5 kilograms, the kakaya is not cheap. However, small amounts of pulp are also packed in small dishes, so you do not have to buy a whole fruit.

If you have full fruit, you should use better gloves when dividing, since the bark produces a viscous liquid that is difficult to remove from the hands. Experienced they do this without gloves.

Mature fruits, such as bananas, can ripen after harvest, if left for a few days or weeks.

Buy the best organic cocoa
The cakes are usually grown in monoculture. Rarely, it is also in the mixed culture Z. Cultivated among the coffee bushes in the coffee plantations.

Although kakaya is not susceptible to fungal or viral diseases, there are some pests that can threaten crops, so they are treated with insecticides in traditional agriculture. Therefore, organic cocoa is the best option when you buy it.
Watering is almost unnecessary
Usually you do not need a Cacfred tree to water. Only small plants are vulnerable to dehydration and should be irrigated if necessary (when prolonged droughts prevail). This may be the case in the first three years of plant life because the root system did not fully develop during this period. Later, the tree usually does not need water anymore. In comparison, avocados or bananas always need between 1,000 and 2,000 liters of water per kilogram of fruit.

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