Stress makes you gain weight

By | July 21, 2018

Under pressure, many people gain weight. This is not new, because with time and pressure it often does not eat well. After a difficult day, you usually do not have the time or the nerves to buy healthy foods, let alone convert them into balanced foods. But that alone is not the reason for the weight gain associated with stress. Scientists at Ohio State University have now discovered why stress can lead to obesity.

With the pressure, calories are burned less
At the Ohio State University (OSU), healthy women who were supervised for diets with a high fat composition were evaluated. Before and after the meal, the researchers examined how fast they burned calories in women’s bodies, how blood sugar levels changed, insulin levels, blood lipids and cortisol levels.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Biophysics, people who experienced one or more stressful conditions the previous day burned a much lower temperature than those who Keto 6x had not been stressed 24 hours ago: at 104 calories less than 7 hours, researchers they are clear: after stress, the body can reduce caloric intake. But not only that.
Increasing insulin levels prevents fat burning
In addition, it can be shown that stressful women have higher insulin values ​​than non-compressed values.

However, increasing the level of insulin prevents the conversion of fats into energy. In high insulin levels, therefore, fat burning is insufficient. As a result, a greater amount of fat is stored in the tissues and their weight increases.

Healthy snacks instead of unhealthy junk food
Jean Keckault Glaser, head of the study and professor of psychiatry and psychology at Ohio State University, explains:

“Our study concluded that stress over time can lead to weight gain.”

Kiecolt-Glaser, nutritionist Martha Belore, also a professor at Ohio State University, reports that:

“We can not always avoid stress in life, but we can do one thing, always with healthy foods in our refrigerators and cabinets, so we can eat something healthy quickly in stress and not resort to unhealthy junk food.”

Of course, it also changes during periods of stress, but healthy snacks generally consume fewer calories. In addition, they do not activate the insulin level, they generally cause a decrease in the levels of lipids in the blood and help the organism due to the richness of vital substances to cope better with stress, yes, healthy snacks can even partially compensate the negative consequences of pressure, so the weight gain associated with stress is also kept within limits.

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