Skin care with essential oils

By | July 1, 2018

The essential oils are excellent for the natural care of the skin. They have many anti-aging properties and help keep skin fresh, smooth and wrinkle-free. Essential oils can nourish and nourish the skin. They can moisturize and revitalize. But it can also calm down and prevent inflammation. In addition, many essential oils have a strong antioxidant effect, eliminating the main cause of wrinkles and tired skin. Learn about the most essential oils and apply them in the field of anti-aging skin care successfully.

Essential oils in skin care
With its high antioxidant content, essential oils protect the skin from free radicals and, therefore, from aging and wrinkles. The main cause of early aging has been known for some time: a strong imbalance between harmful free radicals and their antigens and antioxidants. This phenomenon is also called “oxidative stress”.

This creates a large amount of free radicals that can no longer be neutralized by the body. They destroy the components of the cell, the internal proteins and even our genetic material. Radiantly Slim Understandably, when the cells are now less effective and, as far as the skin cells are concerned, the flexibility and freshness of the skin can not be maintained. The development of wrinkles and accelerate the aging process.
Oxidative stress causes wrinkles
Free radicals are caused, in particular, by diseases, infections, stress and environmental pollution. Even if you eat or eat a lot of food, the level of the body’s root increases. Similarly, when you smoke or drink alcohol, when you take medications or even when the mercury dissolves in dental fillings, just to name a few.

Free radicals are molecules that lack an electron. Then they always look for an electron, where they can take another connection. On the contrary, antioxidants, which are free radicals, are molecules that in turn possess some extra electrons that you love to release, often without damaging them. They can deactivate free radicals so they can not do any harm to our bodies.

Essential oils provide the skin with antioxidants
Therefore, we should take as many antioxidants as possible to stay young and healthy as long as possible. We usually take antioxidants through diet, especially so-called superfoods. But even in the skin you can absorb this valuable material: in 10 minutes, most of the essential oils can be detected in the skin and antioxidants found in the body.

When evaluating the quality of the food or essential oils that can now thaw free radicals, the known value of ORAC helps. This measures the antioxidant capacity of a substance. The higher the value of ORAC, the greater the antioxidants provided by the food or the essential oil in particular, the greater the strength of the anti-oxidation. (Note, however, the different value units of ORAC if you want to compare different foods, essential oils or dietary supplements, for example: μmolTE / 100g, μgTE / 100g, mgTE / g, etc.). Comparisons are only possible with the same module).

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