Rice protein in the unique quality of raw foods.

By | October 23, 2018

Rice protein in the unique quality of raw foods.
At any stage of the manufacturing process, the Sun Warrior protein for natural rice faces temperatures above about 46 ° C, making it the only available protein powder that provides consistent quality raw food.

Rice protein with creamy consistency and excellent flavor.
The positive side effect of this manufacturing process is incredibly fat and incredibly thin, in addition to the wonderful flavor. Both seek in vain soy protein, pea protein, wheat protein or rice protein from other manufacturers.

Availability of nutrients in rice proteins from Sun Warrior
The unique fermentation process used to produce the Sun Warrior protein has a great impact on the bioavailability of the nutrients.

Traditional plant protein products are typically produced by chemical methods, resulting in poorly digested proteins with an unbalanced balance of amino acids.

Rice protein for allergic people.
The holistic method of bio-fermentation also leads to a completely  elite xl  complex allergy center, making it ideal for patients with allergy and at the same time containing the nine essential amino acids in a perfectly balanced combination of humans.

Rice protein: ideal food for children and the elderly.
The indestructible digestibility of more than 98 percent of Sun Warrior’s rice protein, its suitability for allergic patients and their properties, the body for a more rapid and effective absorption of vitamins and minerals to make natural rice protein an ideal diet for young children and adolescents, and also for the elderly.

For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to use the Sun Warrior protein in areas of famine as food for malnutrition or nutrition.

In addition, the extent to which rice protein in the sun’s rice affects degenerative diseases in terms of their ability to improve nutrient absorption is currently being tested.

Sun Warrior rice protein provides more additives
Vitamin B is composed of natural rice protein.
Brown rice is naturally rich in B vitamins, including vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin). Vitamin B1 and B2, in particular, help the body to transform the food we eat into energy.

Vitamin B3 works synergistically and ensures a “waste-free combustion” of food, so our cells get pure “fuel”.

Minerals and oligoelements in natural rice protein.
The Sun Warrior protein is also rich in iron, potassium and phosphorus. These three minerals work together in the body. They provide oxygen tissue, promote muscle health and maintain the cell’s energy supply.

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