Plant nutrition: the best of all food systems for the environment

By | October 1, 2018

Plant nutrition: the best of all food systems for the environment
The benefits also for the environment will not be forgotten. The Academy says that a vegetarian diet reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent and that vegetarian diets reduce by 50 percent.

This is because vegetarians need less water, less fossil fuels, less pesticides and less synthetic fertilizers than diets based on meat and other foods of animal origin.

Take, for example, a kidney pill. The production of a kilogram of kidney beans requires 18 times less than the Earth, and 10 times less water, and 9 times less fuel, and fertilizers less than 12 times, and pesticides ten times less than necessary to produce one kilogram of meat of beef. At the same time, beans are a source of high quality protein, which can make meat nutritionally unnecessary.

Vegetarian diet: better than medicine
Therefore, the conclusion of the American Academy of Nutrition is the following: vegetarian food systems can protect both health and the environment. Therefore, you read in the academic work as the last sentence:

If you can get a herbal diet pill or a combination of contraceptive methods, this treatment will become a great overnight, since the vegetarian diet offers plenty of energy for the human body and little energy from our planet. ”
Any other medication that improves metabolism in a good process, and always reduces blood pressure, and demonstrates the stability of blood sugar permanently and reduces cardiovascular risk and diabetes in a way that is convincing ketozin  (and free of side effects) ) as a vegetarian and vegetarian diet? ”
If you are interested in a comprehensive supply of nutrients and nutrients in an herbal diet, you will find the necessary information here: 14 rules for a healthy vegetarian diet

To show:
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