What to expect with bladder removal surgery

Surgery to remove the bladder, also called removal of the bladder, is the removal of the urinary bladder. After this surgery, the doctor must establish a new path of urine to leave the body. A person must prepare completely before going to bladder removal surgery, including understanding how their lives will be different afterwards. The… Read More »

Broken eye: symptoms, surgery and hospitalization

The broken eye socket often causes severe pain, swelling and a black eye, making it easier to diagnose. The eye socket is the bony structure that surrounds the eye and protects it. In addition to the eye, it includes all the muscles, nerves and connective tissues that connect and move the eye. Some parts of… Read More »

What do you know about colon cancer?

The colon tumor is a small growth in the tissues that arises from the lining of the large intestine known as the colon. Pancreatic tumors are increasingly common with age. Estimates suggest that benign tumors of the colon and rectum, which are benign tumors in the colon or rectum, occur in at least 30 percent… Read More »

Intestinal bacteria and heart health: is there a link?

An innovative study found a link between the health of our heart and the health of our intestines, to highlight the importance of physical exercise to maintain both optimal levels. Woman working with a heart on her face Exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy digestive tract. If the latest medical research teaches us… Read More »

Cancer from an alternative perspective

Every day in Germany, a large number of people face the diagnosis of cancer. Most of them are affected and their relatives are not prepared for it, shocking news. We publish here a guest contribution. The diagnosis of cancer causes fears For many people, this disease has very negative concerns, often transmitted by the press… Read More »

Mercury attacks the heart

Although mercury is routine as in the filling of dental amalgams and as a preservative (thimerosal) still used in vaccines, an international group of scientists warned of mercury exposure, since it can enter the arteries and thus damage. Mercury: a risk to the heart The study was published in the American Journal of Physiological Heart… Read More »

Excessive diagnosis of cancer

More and more people suffer from cancer. But the question is, is the number of people with cancer really increasing, or is it just because of increasingly sophisticated interrogation methods these days? Methods that do not miss a small cancer cell. Methods that lead to early diagnosis of cancer, although the infected person may not… Read More »

Avoid aluminum in food

Aluminum has become a partner everywhere in our daily lives. Both in the form of Teflon fonts, files and aluminum chips, labeled as E number or invisible in the air and drinking water. The Alzheimer’s research is the apparent presence of this light metal in the eye of Argus and makes him responsible for the… Read More »

Black cumin oil: mysterious and wonderful

What if we told you that there is a kind of spice full of cures that cancer, bacteria, viruses, ulcers, diabetes, chronic inflammation and many other conditions have no chance of surviving? Do not get confused with the black beans here and the sesame, which seems to be deceptively similar. Black cumin has a historical… Read More »