Nicotine: the manufacturer of the disease

By | October 1, 2018

Nicotine: the manufacturer of the disease
Nicotine is the substance in tobacco and the liquids that make it addicted. In addition, it is known that nicotine can exacerbate existing cancer and contribute to the recurrence of back cancer has already been paid. In a study in the summer of 2016, Swedish researchers now discovered that nicotine also promotes the development of chronic inflammation. However, such chronic infections are a harbinger of many diseases, and cancer is always associated with processes of chronic inflammation.

Nicotine protects cancer and promotes its spread
Tobacco is one of the main causes of cancer on a large scale. Polycyclic hydrocarbons and tobacco nitrosamines (TSNA) are potent carcinogens.

Whether nicotine, the addictive factor, is also involved in the development of cancer, has not been clear for a long time. Then, also assume that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than tobacco. They contain nicotine, but not conventional carcinogens.

At the same time, there is growing evidence that nicotine in the body can cause cancer.  slimfast keto The cloth seems to be making a lot of preparations for the cancer to feel good.

For example, nicotine can aggravate existing cancer, can accelerate tumor formation and increase the likelihood of the return of the expired cancer. In the same way, it has been shown that cancer treatments do not work well in the presence of nicotine. Nicotine tries to protect the cancer clearly.

For the most part, in the past, they focused on the addictive potential of nicotine and blindness to the cytotoxic and carcinogenic effects of the substance.

Nicotine promotes chronic inflammation
In June 2016, a study at the Swedish Molecular Infectious Diseases Laboratory (MIMS) at the University of Umeå in Sweden found a link between nicotine and inflammatory processes.

Nicotine – the researchers said – very massive activation of some immune cells, called granular neutrophil. These are the most abundant white blood cells. It circulates in the blood, constantly looking for bacteria or other alien hackers that need to be eliminated.

Their ammunition consists of so-called neutrophil extracellular traps, which diverge when the enemy appears in large numbers and can render them harmless.

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