Nicotine: the creator of the disease.

By | January 24, 2019

Nicotine is the substance in tobacco and the liquids that make you addicted. We also know that nicotine can exacerbate current cancer and contribute to the recurrence of previously suppressed cancer. In a Tevida

study conducted in the summer of 2016, Swedish researchers have discovered that nicotine also promotes the development of chronic inflammation. This inflammation is chronic, but it is a harbinger of many diseases: cancer is always accompanied by processes of chronic inflammation.


Nicotine protects cancer and promotes its spread.

Tobacco is one of the main causes of cancer on a  Tevida CANADA large scale. The incoming hydrocarbons and tobacco nitrosamine (TSNA) are potent carcinogens.


If nicotine, the addictive factor, is also involved in the development of cancer, it has not been clear for a long time. Then, also assume that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than tobacco. They contain nicotine, but not conventional carcinogens.


At the same time, there is increasing evidence that nicotine in the body can cause cancer. The cloth seems to be making a lot of preparations to make the cancer feel good.

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