Naturopathy – Definition

By | July 18, 2018

Many alternative therapies are wrongly attributed to physical therapy, because very few people know what the term natural medicine means by definition. But if you know physiotherapy as it really represents it, you will automatically realize that many alternative therapists do not treat physical therapy and that the therapist can never treat it.

Traditional medicine or physiotherapy?
Nowadays, innumerable forms of treatment are known, however, they are divided into two distinct areas: on the one hand, traditional medicine has its symptoms treated, and on the other hand physiotherapy, through which patients expect physical therapy and holistic therapy.

Traditional medicine seems to be an alternative to physiotherapy. For this reason, of course, all these treatments do not belong to the traditional medical fractions that are automatically Keto Slim assigned to natural medicine or physiotherapy.

But aside from the fact that physical therapy as such does not constitute a form of treatment, only a few natural remedies are called common with the original definition of the word “natural therapy”. Therefore, we first want to shed some light on this term.
The normal morbidity is life
Originally, the term “natural therapy” does not describe a form of treatment, but the ability of nature to heal itself. The force of self-healing exists from the birth of all living beings. Then it is part of life.

Evolution has taught us that the structure of each living organism (plant, animal and human) has changed dramatically so far, resulting in greater complexity in the structure of each organism. These major changes have required the development process, and nature has begun this transformation and implemented it.

This illustrates in an impressive way the nature of the control and the enormous corrective capacity. In a metaphorical sense, nature also intervenes corrective in the deceptive processes of the body and, therefore, heals the body.

Healing is primary and exclusively a gift of nature.

Neuropathy exists from the beginning of all life. Therefore, it certainly can not be a therapeutic invention of any century. Neither the previous century nor the ancient world nor any other previous culture, at least not by definition.

However, there are several naturopathic treatments capable of stimulating the self-healing powers of the body using natural remedies. Although this method of physiotherapy is still incorrect, it is appropriately described as naturopathic treatments.

Nature represents the preservation of life
The word “nature” comes from the Latin “natura”, which in turn is translated from the Greek “physis”. Physis was a complete term for the regulation, self-regulation, production and use of energy, and therefore for the principle of preserving life.

The principle of strict order maintains the health and vitality of the person. Only when this is disturbed by the effects, which are no longer able to compensate, does the disease arise.

This fact shows that previous health can only be restored by reconstructing the rules of procedure.

For this reason, physiotherapy always seeks the objective of supporting the organism in the restoration of its biological system. For this purpose, steps are taken to allow the body to eventually begin the necessary healing processes.

It can be seen that the processor does not cure the patient. Instead, it can provide the body with the necessary impulses it needs to heal itself.

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