Inhibitors of the enzyme

By | January 23, 2019

Inhibitors of the enzyme and soaps in processed soy products have a positive effect
The situation is similar with the so-called enzyme inhibitors, which are said to be present in soy products. The processing of soybeans is significantly reduced in quantitative terms. The remaining parts are antioxidants and anticancer, and therefore are beneficial to health. It is said that the same properties exist in saponins, another group of phytochemicals found in soybeans, which are supposed to be “lethal” according to the cash of soybeans. The latter is when taken in isolation and in overdose. In the right dose, but also works as an antioxidant and protector of cancer, as well as for the regulation of weight and blood sugar.

Soy is a free cholesterol.
Soy, like all foods of vegetable origin, is free of cholesterol.

Soy is free of toxins that can be produced by soy producers in production
In high quality soy products such as tofu, soy Keto blast syrup, soy cream, soy yogurt, tempeh, etc., there are no carcinogens such as hexane, etc. These products can be filled with soy (soy granules, soy shrimp, etc.), but not if they are produced by reliable manufacturers.

The loading of aluminum in soy products is not questionable or appropriate
Soy products do not contain more aluminum or less than other foods. Soy concentrates (such as soy foods or protein solids), which we recommend not eating, may be slightly higher.

Soy products do not contribute to vitamin B12 deficiency or vitamin D deficiency
Soy products do not contribute to vitamin B12 deficiency or vitamin D deficiency, as is often claimed. Quite the contrary. It is believed that fermented soy products may contain vitamin B12. In addition, vitamin D requirements can only be met with very small amounts of food anyway (because any food, regardless of the liver, contains related amounts of vitamin D), and instead, vitamin D is formed with the help of the ultraviolet light on the skin, the vitamin D content of the food is not important.

Consumption of soy and health: what to see from
If you are now paying attention to the following rules when eating soy, which you could have implemented automatically anyway, you will only benefit from soy and ingredients:

As with any food, you should also use the purchase of natural soy products as potential products from high-quality manufacturers, such as. Tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu, etc. From Suyana.
Of course, you choose soy products in organic quality – ideal German or Austrian soybeans.
Of course, you do not eat exclusively soy products, so do not drink liters of soy milk daily and do not eat a pound of tofu daily. Instead, daily 100 grams of tofu and z. B. 200 ml of soy milk for an adult is not a problem.
Soy is not baby food. So babies should not feed on soy foods.
Soy products such as soy protein and soy (such as soy and soy) are not recommended.
Food supplements with concentrated soy isoflavones are highly recommended and highly isolated.

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