If there is enough GnRH in the blood

By | October 21, 2018

If there is enough GnRH in the blood, this is associated with a fertile age and therefore an early age. If GnRH is missing, this circumstance tells the body how it looks: boy (or girl), maybe it is no longer of childbearing age, very old, right? Then the body reacts, begins to contract, wrinkles, oblivion and, therefore, age.

To demonstrate this thesis, a (bad) rat injected GnRH directly into the brain for a longer period of time. As a result, the brain of the mice did not seem to be suffering from the age-related deterioration of the neurons, in fact, it could lead to the formation of neurons there, where the mice were very active mentally and could learn as they got older.

So, if you look at Professor Kay’s views, there are two ways to stay in two ways and two young people: inject the GnRH injection into the brain daily, but, of course, this method is far from being ready for the market and, therefore, a distant vision. Or it can concentrate on all measures that can prevent cellular stress (oxidative stress) and, therefore, inflammatory processes, which, in contrast to the first option, are extremely realistic and easy to implement.

1. Avoid cellular stress.
Therefore, the first recommendation against aging is: Avoid so many of the factors that cause cellular stress. These harmful effects include toxins contaminated with toxins, processed foods, nicotine, alcohol and other drugs, as well as radiation from electromagnetic radiation, as well as persistent lack of sleep, long-term stress and mental health problems.

All this creates cellular stress that automatically stimulates the formation keto burn 1250 of free radicals. These, in turn, in the movements that cause chronic inflammation in the United States, make us sick and end of life quickly. So give your body what it needs to fight these devastating free radicals, as shown in point 2:

2. Improve the supply of antioxidants.
Give your target the opponents of cellular stress, the enemies of free radicals, especially antioxidants, and avoid this method of developing chronic inflammatory processes beforehand.

The following foods are particularly rich in antioxidants. Incorporate daily into your diet: fruits, vegetables, salads, fresh herbs, wild plants, sprouts, oilseeds and nuts.

In addition, it is logical to take concentrated antioxidants in the form of high quality natural supplements:

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful and versatile antioxidants that give strength, resistance and resistance to the body, protects cells and blocks inflammatory processes.
It has been shown that curcumin inhibits the activity of NF-kB and, therefore, is also effective in chronic inflammatory diseases such as B. Arthritis, as can be demonstrated, for example, in this study.
Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that acts actively against inflammatory processes, according to the study. Dietary supplements with glutathione support the body if it does not produce enough glutathione, is susceptible to infection or suffers from chronic inflammatory diseases. In addition to its strong antioxidant activity, glutathione can also return to its active form of vitamin C, which effectively disrupts free radicals and, as a result, becomes inactive, so it continues to fight against free radicals.
OPC is also a very powerful antioxidant that improves the antioxidant capacity of existing vitamins (C or E). Since the OPC is also considered a secret anti-aging recipe, especially for the skin, the OPC adapts very well to any naturopathic program that supposedly delays aging. OPC works with vitamin C to repair collagen in the skin, providing a flexible skin, body and body.

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