Excessive diagnosis of cancer

By | July 31, 2018

More and more people suffer from cancer. But the question is, is the number of people with cancer really increasing, or is it just because of increasingly sophisticated interrogation methods these days? Methods that do not miss a small cancer cell. Methods that lead to early diagnosis of cancer, although the infected person may not notice anything about the cancer in his life or in his life without this test. Such as excessive diagnoses are more common than one might think.

Bad news: you have cancer
Imagine: After cancer screening ((using screening methods 1)) the doctor opened: “Unfortunately, it is not bad news that you have cancer .Chakra Keto Diet.” If you are going to save your life – even a doctor – would you? Need the speed of the means of process, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, a group of tests and subsequent treatment with additional drugs undergo.

In the masculine, of course, there is no guarantee that the disease can be completely stopped. Also, no one can promise that cancer treatment itself will not have consequences.

On the contrary, it is known that aggressive treatment against cancer (this similarity that is now necessary) can lead to or cause side effects, but it can also occur later and can have serious consequences for health.

Good confidence, control will be better
Of course, full of fear and panic, you agree. Because the idea that the results of your tests may be exaggerated or even misinterpreted, will not come. How should you? No one, nor an expert in the evaluation of screening tests, can look at the shoulders of their doctors and verify their diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the logo can rarely be praiseworthy “good confidence, control is the best” in this area. So blind trust in doctors is common. It is believed that in today’s high-tech world of traditional medicine, malignant tumors are dangerous, but they can be distinguished from harmless cellular boards and their accuracy is definitely determined. However, this assumption has proven to be incorrect.

Studies indicate that overdiagnosis of cancer is not uncommon
In 2010, the National Journal of Cancer Research published a study that revealed that overdiagnosis of cancer in the United States could be a serious problem.

Study authors, H. Gilbert Walsh, MD, William Black, MD, of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in White River Junction, Vermont Center by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, calling the technology research strategies of pressed, clinical and developmental so that we can assess the scope and need Cure cancer (still asymptomatic) correctly well in the future to avoid overdiagnosis of cancer.

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