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Hair colors – Ingredients

Hair colors – Ingredients To ensure that hair dyes cover gray hair reliably and can not be washed, strong chemicals are needed. The problematic components include, for example, aromatic amines. These include substances such as 2,5-tolendeniamine (PTD), phenylenediamine (PPD) and hydroxyethylphenylindeniamine. All three are strong sensors. Two other aromatic amines are 6-amino-m-cresol and 5-amino-6-chloro-o-cresol. For… Read More »

Cancer risk of hair dyes: Yes or no?

Cancer risk of hair dyes: Yes or no? However, in 2004, the researchers wrote in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology that, despite the increasing use of hair dyes, an excessive increase in allergic reactions can be observed, not in hair even in users. domestic. Although positive results will often bring genetic laboratory toxicity… Read More »

Alternative to aluminum foil: banana leaves.

Alternative to aluminum foil: banana leaves. In many countries, the banana leaf has been used for a long time. In Europe, however, it is hardly known. Understandable, because bananas are not home here. However, banana leaves are increasingly found here and can be used for many recipes and physiotherapy applications. For example, banana leaves are… Read More »

To determine your level of vitamin D

To determine your level of vitamin D, it is possible to have a blood test (not compensated except for special diseases) and, in case of deficiency, the doctor prescribes it. Vitamin D supplements are also available without a prescription and can be found in marine fatty fish such as salmon, herring and sardines. Be careful,… Read More »

Oils and fats to satisfy essential fatty acids

Oils and fats to satisfy essential fatty acids. Now all we have to do is know what the demand for linoleic acid is and how high it is for ALA to choose the right oils in the right amount. Officially (DGE, German Dietetic Association) the need for an adult is given in linoleic acid at… Read More »

What is the late hour?

It is a month in  SafewithSmartfood a woman does not look. Women get their rules after 28 to 35 days, but sometimes this session is not the same, so there may be some panic. But is this really necessary? “It’s not quite normal, but the menstrual cycle can come too late,” explains Felice Gerch, a gynecologist.… Read More »

Go faster and live longer

Go faster and live longer It is clear that those who walk faster than death. This was confirmed by a recent study conducted by Australian researchers. Scientists have been able to establish a clear relationship between walking speed and the risk of dying older people. How fast are you going to escape death? Escape from… Read More »

My doctor the forest

My doctor the forest Walking in the forest can be soon in a recipe. Japanese researchers discovered the positive effects of walking in forests, and now in the Far East they are busy turning forests into therapeutic centers. Diving in the forest pool. In Japan, the last treatment was called Yoko Shinrin or Bath of… Read More »

Muscle is 70 percent of nutrition.

Muscle is 70 percent of nutrition. Therefore, you can easily promote your muscle growth with a bucket of whey protein powder and continue to worry about your remaining diet. But his long-term good health is questionable. Since many fitness trainers recommend a program consisting of 70 percent of the proper diet and only 30 percent… Read More »

Rice protein facilitates weight loss.

Rice protein facilitates weight loss. The excellent food availability of Sun Warrior Rice makes it ideal for those seeking to achieve optimum weight. Clinical studies from Japan have shown that rice protein can be used very well to control weight. Sun Warrior rice protein provides the body with the ideal density of nutrients for easily… Read More »