Carnivores: climate killers

By | July 12, 2018

The vegetarian diet is best for Keto Slim the climate of an abundant diet, since a diet with favorite vegetable foods will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the vegetarian diet or even the best one is more ecological than the low carbohydrate diet of abundant meat and dairy products that are currently in fashion. Leztere will accelerate the environmental collapse of the Earth with the next fan increase.

Meat and cheese are harming the climate
Whether it’s sausages, cheese, bananas, cookies, wine or beer, everything is produced at the expense of the environment. Each step of production and sales (agriculture, production, packaging, storage, transport) produces greenhouse gases and damages the climate.

Fresh meat, followed by close-up cheese, produces most of the greenhouse gases. So it would be prudent to take a very close examination of our own meat, sausages and dairy products – of course, only if one is interested in the environment and climate.

Researchers at the University of Michigan recently reported that greenhouse gas emissions will increase by 12% if all Americans follow the appropriate guidelines purported nutritional health authorities of the United States (“Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010”).

But how can a healthy diet be a friend of the weather?

Health authorities recommend nutrition that is harmful to the climate
Martin Heller and Gregory Kyulaan of the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan how carbon dioxide emissions from the production of about 100 common food types, also studied the potential impact if the American population eat their diet (according to with the recommendations of the USDA Department of Agriculture, the US Department of Agriculture).

The study was published, entitled “Global Warming American Food Options and Loss Estimates of Food Gas Emissions,” on September 5, 2014 Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Hiller and Quillian discovered that the health authorities did not think much about the environment, much less about the climate, when making their current dietary recommendations.

Although meat, poultry and egg consumption should be reduced from 58% to 38%, which would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but there should be more consumption of dairy products at the same time, instead of 17 % now the best 31 percent, what CO2 emissions will increase again.

You should eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, but the recommendation here only slightly of the current American diet is higher, and therefore do not significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate Killer No. 1: Cows, synthetic fertilizers and long transport routes
Food production accounts for about 8 percent of national greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries, where the production of animal feed produces more carbon dioxide than plant foods.

Carbon dioxide emissions are particularly associated with the production of beef and dairy products, since cows and cows contain poor feed conversion and therefore must grow a large amount of forage for breeding and feeding.

In contrast, animal feed requires a high level of use of synthetic fertilizers and other aids, which must first be produced through the consumption of energy-intensive processes and carbon dioxide. In addition, it takes a lot of fuel to properly run the stables and the machines and the ability to wait.

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