Broken eye: symptoms, surgery and hospitalization

By | August 4, 2018

The broken eye socket often causes severe pain, swelling and a black eye, making it easier to diagnose.
The eye socket is the bony structure that surrounds the eye and protects it. In addition to the eye, it includes all the muscles, nerves and connective tissues that connect and move the eye.

Some parts of the socket are solid, thick and difficult to break. Other areas are fragile and more vulnerable.

In this article, we observe the symptoms Shakra Keto of broken eye fracture, in addition to the different types of fractures that may occur. The broken eye socket always needs medical attention, but the treatment and recovery times may vary according to the duration of the rest.

What is a broken eye socket?
A broken eye socket causes bruising around the eye
A broken eye socket can cause bruising around the eye.
The eye socket is also called an orbit. While it looks like a solid structure, it consists of seven different bones related to the creation of four different regions.

The fracture can occur in any of these areas, resulting in different injuries:

Break the orbital edge. These tears occur at the outer edges of the eye socket. The orbital edge is very thick, so only the maximum force, such as the injury of a car accident, can break it. This extra force can also damage the nerves, muscles and connective tissue in the eye.
Break the direct orbital word. The rupture of the edge of the orbit can extend to the orbital floor to cause a direct interruption in the orbit. This usually occurs as a result of a severe shock.
Break the indirect orbital floor. It is also called breaking tear, ground breaking a hint usually occurs when an object, such as the steering wheel or a fist or baseball or elbow happens, someone in the face. The impact leaves the bony edge of the lace intact but causes a hole in the floor of the eye socket. This hole can contain muscles, nerves and other tissues, which makes it difficult for the eye to move and causes vision problems.
Break the trapdoor. Trapped fractures usually occur only because your bones are more flexible. They are a type of tropical word jump. Instead of cracking, the bones bend outward and then return to normal. Although technically there is no bone fracture, however, fractures can cause serious damage and, occasionally, always.
The main screen of the handle of the broken eye is the pain around the eye. Depending on the type and severity of the break, the following additional symptoms may also appear:

Swollen eyelid
A black eye with a very dark coloration around the lesion
Bleeding in the white part of the eye
Numbness in the cheeks, forehead, or upper lip area
Poor vision, blurred vision or vision difficulty
Inability to move the eye
Eyelid eyelid
Sensitivity to light

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