Bet on organic quality when you buy.

By | January 20, 2019

Bet on organic quality when you buy.
The banana leaves are z. B. In gourmet stores, African and Asian stores or related online stores are available. They are served fresh or frozen. In one of our articles on banana purchasing standards, we have already discussed in detail that, especially on banana farms in South America, many pesticides are used.

Although banana leaves are obtained mainly from other areas of bananas for export and are often harvested from wild plants, you should look for a better organic quality when you buy them, regardless of whether you want to use healing papers or in the kitchen.

Harvest of bananas let yourself.
However, if you grow in a banana plant, you have a clear advantage. Because you can go back to your banana leaves. Although bananas are a tropical plant, they can thrive in our fields without problems. It is important to Gethealthyfreedom choose an appropriate variety for each site.

If you have a winter garden or greenhouse, this is the perfect place for tropical varieties. However, there are also shrubs that can remain as large as an indoor plant. Keep in mind, however, that banana plants can grow to more than 5 meters. Therefore, the apartment is suitable for small perennials like. Like the little prince Cascini the best.

Banana plant in the garden
It is also possible to plant a banana tree in the garden. Here it is particularly important to choose a location, which should be bright, but also protected from the wind. Because when the plant is exposed to the wind or even the storm, leaves the leaves torn. The trade now offers some hard varieties such as Musa sikkimensis (Darjeeling Bananas) or Moses Yunanensis (wild banana), mainly from Asian mountainous regions.

But frost-resistant banana trees also need winter protection to survive during the cold months without damage. For the plant before the first frost, with the help of four thick wooden poles and tangled wires, his own “hut” was built. The root ball is covered with a layer of leaves with a thickness of not less than 40 cm, for example. Maple or oak leaf covered. When the cold season ends, the plant produces new papers quickly, which can be cut with sharp scissors if necessary.

So there are many ways to get replacement aluminum foil called banana leaves at home. Try it once. Soon you will also find our beautiful YouTube channel recipes with banana leaves.

If you are also interested in banana fruit, we recommend reading here: Bananas: Exotic, tasty and healthy.

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The lemon juice and its healing effects.
Lemon juice can be used as an odor in the kitchen or as diluted and sweet as lemon juice. Even as a home remedy for many diseases you can not do without lemon juice. Its effects show healing, for example in colds. In addition, the lemon juice is detoxified. It also stimulates digestion, fights bacteria and inflammation and promotes weight loss in excess weight. In addition, the lemon juice is considered as a food, its basic metabolism and, therefore, it adapts very well to a surplus base diet.

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