Before each meal, eat raw fruits

By | October 20, 2018

2. Day of the raw appetizer.
Before each meal, eat raw fruits, some raw vegetables (kohlrabi, cucumber, etc.) or crispy leaf salad as snacks.

3. sport day
Extend your daily exercise program for 5 minutes. Do not you have a sports program? Start 5 minutes a day! Take your home trainer or cross trainer. Soon you will not be satisfied with 5 minutes, wait.

4. day of the sun
Treat yourself to more sun! When the sun shines, take a sunbath. It should take between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the season and time of day.

5. The day of Pilate.
Do you know Pilates? Look around in your residential area to see if you can take a beginner course there. Perhaps the best exercise system for greater flexibility, a perfect posture, more muscular strength and better conditioning.

6. merger day
Take green juice daily.

7. Indoor plant.
Buy more home plants: they are purifying the air in your home. But be sure to  Teal Farms Keto buy plants that fit your home as well. Place aloe vera in the south window and obtain shade plants if your home is less illuminated.

8. Vitamin D today
Because he has been sunbathing regularly since the fourth day, the level of vitamin D has certainly increased because the body can produce vitamin D alone under the influence of sunlight. If you can not get out in the sun regularly, you should take vitamin D as a dietary supplement, at least in winter, ideally with vitamin K2 and calcium.

Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium from the intestine and vitamin K2 ensures that calcium is incorporated into the bones and not into the walls of blood vessels.

Day of quinoa
Eat more quinoa. Quinoa is called pseudo-grains. It is rich in high quality and complete proteins, and also provides plenty of iron, magnesium and calcium. Quinoa can replace pasta or rice very well.

10. fat day
Lose your fat reserves today and upgrade to healthy fats. Always replace frying fat with high quality organic coconut oil or bio frying oil. Replace cheap salad oils with virgin olive oil and occasionally indulge yourself with a special advantage: for example, high-quality flaxseed oil or cannabis oil, which takes small amounts daily to enrich your raw foods.

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