Beets naturally contain relatively high levels of nitrates

By | October 3, 2018

Beet juice provides oxygen to the brain
Beets naturally contain relatively high levels of nitrates. Nitrates in the body are converted to nitric oxide (NO): this NO promotes blood circulation, expands blood vessels and, in many studies, has been shown to improve the performance of athletes of different age groups.

Nitric oxide is a really powerful molecule. They seem to migrate to those parts of the body that lack oxygen or need a lot of oxygen, such as oxygen. For example, the brain, “says Rejeski.
Combine beet juice with exercise.
During exercise, the motor cortex in your brain evaluates the signals coming from your body. Sport strengthens the motor cortex. But if you combine beet juice with your exercise, your brain will receive much more oxygen, an excellent prerequisite for strengthening the motor cortex much better than just exercising.

The beet group also showed that the neuronal plasticity and the ability of the brain to continue improving its functions and functions increased significantly compared to the group that only practiced Testo Drive 365 sports. It seems to be so good that the performance of the brain can easily be compared to the performance of young people.

Good for the brain: drink beet juice alternately with cranberry juice
Therefore, if you want to improve the performance of your brain, it is very simple and economical: move a lot and drink the beet juice regularly. If you want to be changed from time to time, you can always drink cranberry juice (= raspberry juice). This can improve brain health clearly, as you can read here: grape juice improves brain function

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