Avoid high consumption of eggs, as it increases cholesterol

By | May 13, 2018

After the success of the first article about the myths of nutrition, I decided to do this second part with some of the myths that are difficult to admit their ratification, since Azajunna are constantly misleading advertising, creating the idea that it is not well in reality.

part I

However, let’s go to the mess.

1. If you want to improve your performance in the study, you should eat the glucose-rich diets
science student
Mal. This myth admit that it really makes me funny because it is a clear example “if you work with this dose, with the trio you will earn much more.” The first thing you should know is that when we take a high amount of glucose in the brain there are a number of processes that lead to loss of concentration, contrary to what we want. On the other hand, we have a low glucose diet, which uses our body ketones as a source of energy. When we have a diet low in carbohydrates, which increases the concentration of mitochondria in the hippocampus (the area of ​​the brain related to learning and memory), so that the higher the concentration of mitochondria, will not be much greater than the be able to use it, this is really if we wanted to.

2. Food trap have no effect on the physiological level, but on the mental level.
Mal. Leaving aside the psychological advantages of the existence of a meal outside of our daily diet, we will focus on the level of our body. When we make a food cheats (such as pizza), there is an increase in levels of T3 and our T4 (thyroid hormones, related accelerates metabolism), increases the concentration of leptin, the hormone associated with satiety, increases the metabolism of the process of carbohydrates, are not more efficient than the transfer of glucose to muscles, and also our brain receives a message that our food, which speeds up metabolism (when we make a limited diet of caloric intake tends to reduce the metabolism of our body). This is known as the increase in metabolism as a point of reference. As you can see, if a meal fraud in the week has no effect on the metabolism, it underestimates our body.

3. Avoid high consumption of eggs, as it increases cholesterol
Mal. This myth is solved very quickly because the cholesterol in the diet does not raise the cholesterol that is in our blood. The cause of the liver, which is the main regulator of cholesterol in the body, was found. If our body is able to synthesize cholesterol, so in a high cholesterol diet our body does not collect less amount, and vice versa, when we consume little cholesterol, our body is responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol more.

4. To increase yield take carb-rich drinks.
Mal. As we can see in the study “the effect of carbohydrate protein and carbohydrate supplements are commercially available on the performance of endurance athletes run Altroyhieddin through field experience.” Athletes who consumed performed (Gatorade) times high in carbohydrate beverages in the same stretch of 19.2 km of those who took the placebo. In addition, as we can see in this image, diets low in carbohydrates and high in fat increase resistance to cyclists. (This can be extrapolated to other categories such as running or triathlon).


5. Creatine should only be taken during training periods
Wrong. It can be treated with creatine, and even in those periods when we can not workout due to injury, as it helps us maintain our strength and muscles. This has been seen in the study of “the effect of creatine supplementation during the resulting paralysis to maintain muscle mass, strength and resistance paralysis”, where it was observed that people who took creatine did not exercise were kept more muscle mass, strength and elbow inhibitors, and the strength of spreader resistance compared to people who took a placebo, so you can also use creatine during the detention period due to an injury.

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