As indicated, BCAA levels in the breakdown

By | May 13, 2018

Empty hydroxyl proteins VS whey and egg and carcinoma proteins
To correctly assess acidity as a supplement, we also need a comparison protein. For this comparison, I chose milk proteins because they are widely available in the market and there is also a fantastic list of scientific studies that support their use as part of a diet in sports.

Activation of protein synthesis
The information from the two previous parts tells us that meat is good for the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, bones, etc.), but it is still short in another very important area: muscle building.

As indicated, BCAA levels in the breakdown of beef protein of less than 35% milk proteins (whey and casino), and over time, this can greatly affect their ability to create and repair fat-free muscles.
Specifically, according to several studies, we know that leucine is a signaling factor with excellence for the synthesis of muscle proteins. In supplementation of beef protein hydrofiltration, you can see that this BCAA is deficient (although they generally add BCAA to the mixture).
Digestion speed
FAST: according to studies, the rapid delivery of amino acids to increase the initiation of muscle protein synthesis thanks to the work of leucine, mainly. Rapid administration is driven by serum protein (hydrolyzed, isolated and concentrated, in this order).

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INTERMEDIA: The egg protein powder is digested in an approximate time of 2-3 hours, which allows a constant supply of high quality amino acids (with a biological value of 100) during that time.

White egg

Slow: Finally, the slow-acting protein, such as casein, needs more digestion time and this usually means that most amino acids will reach their maximum in the blood after more than 4 hours. The advantage here is the continuous supply of amino acids for several hours.

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Summary, recommendations and conclusions
Hydrolysis analysis of protein meat should be done well before purchase, as long as the manufacturers do not provide more information, such as the original source of the protein, and the degree of hydrolysis and biological value minutes.
Milk proteins are best for stimulating the synthesis of muscle proteins, and proteins in meat can help build a strong connective tissue. This means that if the connective tissue problems are suffering, bovine protein supplementation can be used. However, due to its high price, it may be advisable to go for a direct breakdown of collagen.
Recommend fast, then the use of whey protein (whey) of whey in the morning, and the pre-workout period and after exercise, and take a dietary supplement for protein beef 1-2 times a day during the stage of the strength training cycle (although I would personally choose eggs that have a protein Higher biological value). At night, without doubt, casein.
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