Argan oil is one of the most expensive

By | October 16, 2018

Argan oil – skin and hair care
Argan oil is one of the most expensive vegetable oils in the world. The unique combination of essential fatty acids and antioxidants brings the glory of Morocco’s gold to the world. Gourmet chefs and natural cosmetics manufacturers are equally enthusiastic about the natural ingredients of argan oil, extracted from the seeds of the argan tree. Under the protection of UNESCO, this “Tree of Life” is an integral part of the Moroccan Berber culture, as well as enriching people interested in the health and beauty of this country.

Morocco argan oil
For centuries, the Berber women of Morocco cultivated their hair, hair and nails with argan oil. This precious oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree (Bot., Arkania Spinoza), which can grow up to 450 years, teal farms keto which makes it one of the oldest trees in the world. Since there are only Arkan trees in southwestern Morocco on the edge of the Atlas Mountains, this area is protected by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

The power of the Arkan tree has earned him the title of “Tree of life”. With its deep roots of up to 30 meters deep, it defies the very dry climate of the region and feeds on goats, sheep and camels with rich leaves rich in nutrients, as well as the local population.

The round fruits and olives and animals of the Argan tree are not edible to humans. However, the seeds contain inside the precious oil. Traditionally, Berber women collect seeds and squeeze them for domestic use. The pressure on the oil by hand is very difficult due to the hard outer layer of the seed, so it takes up to 20 hours. In addition to the fine production of valuable components of argan oil, due to its high price compared to olive oil.

Gourmet oil, argan oil with high quality unsaturated fatty acids and its nutty taste are known at the same time in the western world. The cosmetic industry focuses on the beauty components of argan oil as a moisturizing ingredient for skin care products against wrinkled, dry and wrinkled skin. Even against eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, the wonderful oil of North Africa should be effective.

Argan oil – skin and hair care
Argan oil is about 80 percent of unsaturated fatty acids, which play a crucial role in healthy cells that ultimately lead to skin and hair. These fats serve our natural moisturizing cells without altering the body’s hydration mechanisms.

One of the most useful fatty acids in argan oil is linoleic acid. This unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid supports organ function, reduces inflammation and maintains the lining of the intestine. Donates skin and hair with flexibility and linoleic acid. By doing so, it acts as a protective barrier against harmful environmental impacts and protects against dehydration. In this way, it prevents wrinkles and broken hair.

Phytosterols also have an exceptional care effect. As chemically active active plant substances, it activates the metabolism of the skin and contributes to the storage of moisture in the cells. Other active ingredients in argan oil for skin and hair care are triptinoids. These compounds of secondary plants are obtained from argan oil in many ways in the human body. They keep the heart, liver and yellow healthy, neutralize carcinogens, fight viruses and even become active against HIV.

In addition, they repair damaged tissues such as scars, build natural sunscreens and have cleaning properties. Skin diseases such as acne, pimples, psoriasis, skin rashes and dry eczema can be alleviated with probinoids. Pregnant women can get rid of unsightly streaks through skin care with argan oil.

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