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Breast milk is a “life-saving intervention”

Breast milk is a “life-saving intervention” for babies with congenital heart disease According to a research review from Advances in Neonatal Care, the official journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, human milk is strongly favored as the best diet for babies with CHD, since it reduces the risk of serious complications and improves… Read More »

A diet high in protein

A diet high in protein increases the risk of diabetes High protein diets are very popular, especially when it comes to losing weight. However, a study conducted by the University of Washington in St. Louis, USA. UU., Showed that the health benefits of preventing diabetes, which are usually caused by weight loss, are reversed by… Read More »

Within the organic toxic

Within the organic toxic chemicals from outside? In fact, the question must be: Why do we allow this to happen? The fact that we still do not see a direct relationship between beauty and cleaning products and our well-being (that is, our health) is part of the problem. But slowly but surely, we are excited… Read More »