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Bet on organic quality when you buy.

Bet on organic quality when you buy. The banana leaves are z. B. In gourmet stores, African and Asian stores or related online stores are available. They are served fresh or frozen. In one of our articles on banana purchasing standards, we have already discussed in detail that, especially on banana farms in South America,… Read More »

How can I clean bottles and pump parts?

Whether a new mother or an expert Tevida in raising children, breastfeeding often carries many questions. Here are answers to some common questions that new and old mothers may have. More questions about breastfeeding How do I store my breast milk? You can freeze and / or cool your breast (expressed or extracted). Store them in… Read More »

Lemon juice: the effect of a good cure

Lemon juice: the effect of a good cure as a “hot lemon” for the common cold Either as a refreshing drink or as an acidic ingredient in all kinds of food: in the kitchen, especially tasty lemon juice is used. In addition, lemon juice has long been an accessory in traditional folk medicine because of… Read More »

Hair colors – Ingredients

Hair colors – Ingredients To ensure that hair dyes cover gray hair reliably and can not be washed, strong chemicals are needed. The problematic components include, for example, aromatic amines. These include substances such as 2,5-tolendeniamine (PTD), phenylenediamine (PPD) and hydroxyethylphenylindeniamine. All three are strong sensors. Two other aromatic amines are 6-amino-m-cresol and 5-amino-6-chloro-o-cresol. For… Read More »