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Of course, the antioxidants and, therefore

Argan oil – healing Of course, the antioxidants and, therefore, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer factors for argan oil are not limited to the skin and hair cells, but can positively affect the whole organism. In addition, unlike other vegetable oils, argan oil is characterized by a unique combination of schottenol and spinasterol. These phytosterols are highly… Read More »

To prevent premature aging

Antioxidants for soft skin To prevent premature aging of the skin, one must take many antioxidant foods. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and protect the skin from free radicals, which are, among others, responsible for wrinkles. Excessive presence of free radicals caused by unhealthy diet and lifestyle (food additives to take away, tobacco, alcohol, sunburn, etc.).… Read More »

Healthy skin through a healthy diet

Healthy skin through a healthy diet. A healthy and soft skin is not only ideal for beauty, but also an indication of a healthy object. Wrinkles, acne and other skin problems are always a reflection of your inner health. Metabolic imbalance, oxidative stress or the inflammatory processes that occur in our body are often reflected… Read More »

Challenge the signs of aging and

Argan oil – anti-aging with antioxidants. Challenge the signs of aging and use argan oil as a natural anti-aging agent. Argan oil is an excellent source of vitamin E. This highly effective antioxidant suppresses free radicals at the cellular level, while maintaining the vitality and elasticity of skin and hair. For this reason, vitamin E… Read More »

Argan oil is one of the most expensive

Argan oil – skin and hair care Argan oil is one of the most expensive vegetable oils in the world. The unique combination of essential fatty acids and antioxidants brings the glory of Morocco’s gold to the world. Gourmet chefs and natural cosmetics manufacturers are equally enthusiastic about the natural ingredients of argan oil, extracted… Read More »

Vitamin E protects all the cells of the body

Vitamin E protects all the cells of the body as an antioxidant against the harmful effects and, therefore, to the cells of the hair follicle cells. In addition, vitamin E stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, and in this way indirectly promotes the best supply of nutrients to the hair roots, where the scalp… Read More »

Particularly intensive in relation to collagen repair

Particularly intensive in relation to collagen repair, vitamin C works with OPC, a vegetarian chemist with excellent properties for hair and skin health. OPC is not only a high quality collagen repair agent, it also protects hair roots from free radical attacks as an antioxidant. Thus, after a period of at least two or three… Read More »

Its ammunition consists of the so-called

Nicotine promotes chronic inflammation. In June 2016, a study at the Swedish Molecular Infectious Diseases Laboratory (MIMS) at the University of Umeå in Sweden found a link between nicotine and inflammatory processes. Nicotine – the researchers said – the very massive activation of some immune cells, called neutrophilic granular. These are the most abundant white… Read More »

If you can get an herbal diet or a

Vegetarian diet: better than medicine. Therefore, the conclusion of the American Academy of Nutrition is the following: vegetarian feeding systems can protect both health and the environment. So you read in the academic article as the last sentence: If you can get an herbal diet or a combination of pills, this treatment will become excellent… Read More »

Anyone who wants to change their

Eat Vegetarian – Nutrition Plans Anyone who wants to change their diet to a vegetarian or vegetarian diet, but does not know exactly how to do it, can easily communicate with an expert in comprehensive nutrition and obtain an individual nutritional plan that works well with all dietary requirements. Vital substances can lead to declared… Read More »