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What is the late hour?

It is a month in  SafewithSmartfood a woman does not look. Women get their rules after 28 to 35 days, but sometimes this session is not the same, so there may be some panic. But is this really necessary? “It’s not quite normal, but the menstrual cycle can come too late,” explains Felice Gerch, a gynecologist.… Read More »

Go faster and live longer

Go faster and live longer It is clear that those who walk faster than death. This was confirmed by a recent study conducted by Australian researchers. Scientists have been able to establish a clear relationship between walking speed and the risk of dying older people. How fast are you going to escape death? Escape from… Read More »

My doctor the forest

My doctor the forest Walking in the forest can be soon in a recipe. Japanese researchers discovered the positive effects of walking in forests, and now in the Far East they are busy turning forests into therapeutic centers. Diving in the forest pool. In Japan, the last treatment was called Yoko Shinrin or Bath of… Read More »

Muscle is 70 percent of nutrition.

Muscle is 70 percent of nutrition. Therefore, you can easily promote your muscle growth with a bucket of whey protein powder and continue to worry about your remaining diet. But his long-term good health is questionable. Since many fitness trainers recommend a program consisting of 70 percent of the proper diet and only 30 percent… Read More »

Rice protein facilitates weight loss.

Rice protein facilitates weight loss. The excellent food availability of Sun Warrior Rice makes it ideal for those seeking to achieve optimum weight. Clinical studies from Japan have shown that rice protein can be used very well to control weight. Sun Warrior rice protein provides the body with the ideal density of nutrients for easily… Read More »

Rice protein in the unique quality of raw foods.

Rice protein in the unique quality of raw foods. At any stage of the manufacturing process, the Sun Warrior protein for natural rice faces temperatures above about 46 ° C, making it the only available protein powder that provides consistent quality raw food. Rice protein with creamy consistency and excellent flavor. The positive side effect… Read More »

If there is enough GnRH in the blood

If there is enough GnRH in the blood, this is associated with a fertile age and therefore an early age. If GnRH is missing, this circumstance tells the body how it looks: boy (or girl), maybe it is no longer of childbearing age, very old, right? Then the body reacts, begins to contract, wrinkles, oblivion… Read More »

Discover what your body needs and

Discover what your body needs and really wants. Get complete knowledge to understand why your body develops these symptoms. Ideally, learn to grow your own fruits and vegetables, on the terrace or in the garden. Or at least pull the buds on the edge of the window. Learn about the best superfoods. Be sure to… Read More »

Before each meal, eat raw fruits

2. Day of the raw appetizer. Before each meal, eat raw fruits, some raw vegetables (kohlrabi, cucumber, etc.) or crispy leaf salad as snacks. 3. sport day Extend your daily exercise program for 5 minutes. Do not you have a sports program? Start 5 minutes a day! Take your home trainer or cross trainer. Soon… Read More »

Argan oil contains about 80 percent

Argan oil – skin and hair care Argan oil contains about 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids, which play a crucial role in healthy cells that ultimately lead to skin and hair. These fats serve our natural moisturizing cells without altering the body’s hydration mechanisms. One of the most useful fatty acids in argan oil is… Read More »