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What do you know about colon cancer?

The colon tumor is a small growth in the tissues that arises from the lining of the large intestine known as the colon. Pancreatic tumors are increasingly common with age. Estimates suggest that benign tumors of the colon and rectum, which are benign tumors in the colon or rectum, occur in at least 30 percent… Read More »

Intestinal bacteria and heart health: is there a link?

An innovative study found a link between the health of our heart and the health of our intestines, to highlight the importance of physical exercise to maintain both optimal levels. Woman working with a heart on her face Exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy digestive tract. If the latest medical research teaches us… Read More »

Cancer from an alternative perspective

Every day in Germany, a large number of people face the diagnosis of cancer. Most of them are affected and their relatives are not prepared for it, shocking news. We publish here a guest contribution. The diagnosis of cancer causes fears For many people, this disease has very negative concerns, often transmitted by the press… Read More »