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Mercury attacks the heart

Although mercury is routine as in the filling of dental amalgams and as a preservative (thimerosal) still used in vaccines, an international group of scientists warned of mercury exposure, since it can enter the arteries and thus damage. Mercury: a risk to the heart The study was published in the American Journal of Physiological Heart… Read More »

Excessive diagnosis of cancer

More and more people suffer from cancer. But the question is, is the number of people with cancer really increasing, or is it just because of increasingly sophisticated interrogation methods these days? Methods that do not miss a small cancer cell. Methods that lead to early diagnosis of cancer, although the infected person may not… Read More »

Avoid aluminum in food

Aluminum has become a partner everywhere in our daily lives. Both in the form of Teflon fonts, files and aluminum chips, labeled as E number or invisible in the air and drinking water. The Alzheimer’s research is the apparent presence of this light metal in the eye of Argus and makes him responsible for the… Read More »

Black cumin oil: mysterious and wonderful

What if we told you that there is a kind of spice full of cures that cancer, bacteria, viruses, ulcers, diabetes, chronic inflammation and many other conditions have no chance of surviving? Do not get confused with the black beans here and the sesame, which seems to be deceptively similar. Black cumin has a historical… Read More »

Organic foods: more antioxidants and less toxins

Organic foods are produced respectfully with the environment and pets. This is not new, but are organic foods healthier and perhaps richer with antioxidants than traditional foods? For years, the issue is controversial. An international research team now provides compelling evidence: organic foods offer many more antioxidants than traditional foods. At the same time, according… Read More »

Stress makes you gain weight

Under pressure, many people gain weight. This is not new, because with time and pressure it often does not eat well. After a difficult day, you usually do not have the time or the nerves to buy healthy foods, let alone convert them into balanced foods. But that alone is not the reason for the… Read More »

Naturopathy – Definition

Many alternative therapies are wrongly attributed to physical therapy, because very few people know what the term natural medicine means by definition. But if you know physiotherapy as it really represents it, you will automatically realize that many alternative therapists do not treat physical therapy and that the therapist can never treat it. Traditional medicine… Read More »

The four fast foods after Hildegard von Bingen

Fasting is a complete integral treatment. It has a positive effect on the body, mind and spirit. Fasting is the deliberate renunciation of certain foods for a limited period and has nothing to do with famine, which, depending on the duration, can make you sick. Fasting, on the other hand, is purified, inspired and healed.… Read More »

Carnivores: climate killers

The vegetarian diet is best for Keto Slim the climate of an abundant diet, since a diet with favorite vegetable foods will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the vegetarian diet or even the best one is more ecological than the low carbohydrate diet of abundant meat and dairy products that are currently in fashion. Leztere… Read More »