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It should be clear that cereals are the basis

It is cultivated by more than 100 countries of all content, although it is in Asia that more space is allocated for cultivation. In fact, 90% of the world’s rice is grown and consumed there. Among the nutrients, carbohydrates stand out, and it should be noted that a healthy diet is characterized by a higher… Read More »

The vitamins that may be missing in a vegetarian diet are the following:

Certain sectors will need additional amounts of vitamins and minerals that are specific to their lifestyle. That is why people with diets, vegetarians, smokers and unbalanced athletes are some people who may need an “extra amount” of vitamins and minerals. Vegetarians A carefully supervised and well-planned vegetarian diet can provide good nutrition. The recommendations in… Read More »

forms depending on the temperature of the environment

In this article, we will see what “good” fat, the doctrine that is attributed to them, is due to the benefits they bring to the body. Previously we saw the amount of fat we needed daily, as well as the antibiotics for these fats Now we are focusing on good fats and good presumptions. These… Read More »

According to Couet, the conclusion of the study was:

Before reading this article, I recommend reading David’s article on Omega 3 so that you have a baseline. Link here The first thing you should know is that due to the times, which already operates in the foods we consume omega-3 Balance / omega-6 is far from the ideal state, because most foods contain high… Read More »

Green vegetables fight many diseases by stimulating

Skin or promote muscle relaxation. The color of food, specifically vegetables, is a way of classifying what we eat. From a scientific point of view, fruits and vegetables of color can be grouped through the same similarity in a series of health, medical and nutritional characteristics of the vehicles in circulation. Green Green vegetables are… Read More »

Each of them needs a certain amount of protein to perform

After knowing your requirements to complete the calories you need on a daily basis, it’s time to meet the “builder” of the protein-rich nutrients. In this sense, you know how much protein you need per day. Regardless of your goal, lose fat, gain muscle or simply complete the function exerted by the protein, thus maintaining… Read More »

After that, these 2500 calories will be what you will need

If you understand what is the main factor in your diet, now you will have to know the calories you need every day. In this sense, maintenance of calories. Calories are reached for maintenance at the time your body consumes and “burns” calories. A simple example In one day, you consume 2500 calories combining exercise… Read More »

In fact, the body spends a number of calories

Regardless of the goal of your diet, regardless of the information you have so far, the main factor in the diet is the total calories. To a certain extent, the use of calories that your body will produce from everything that enters the diet day by day will come through a hormonal framework. However, without… Read More »

That is why if your body needs 300 grams

I receive emails and I wonder if the power of the night stays liquid, if the dinner fattens on carbohydrates, if a personal trainer told me that I can not eat fat and a longer list. Because of this, I decided to make a small group of the most common myths in nutrition. Due to… Read More »